There's an easy way to attract more people to your business and convert them to life-long customers...

What if you could have:

Your phone and inbox consistently full of qualified leads?

Free and paid offers bringing in massive amounts of traffic daily?

A wildly profitable business with enviable ROI on its marketing?

And what if you could get all that while operating only in your zone of genius as an award-winning team handles everything for you?



Imagine having a beautiful, personalized marketing experience created for your business. You'll always know your customers are being shown the right offer, at the right time, so they're ready with their wallets in hand.

Now imagine it not only looks and acts divine - but it converts higher than anything you've done before in your marketing.

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Not sure if your website is attracting your customers - or turning them away? Or maybe your website was great back in the day but sorely needs an update?

Avoid wasting your time and money on website efforts or changes that don't give you massive ROI back to your bottom line. Our award-winning team has created websites in a broad range of industries and markets. Your online presence is in good hands.

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our amazing clients include


Hi, I'm


I'm the founder of 12Strong and a recovering perfectionist (that may not be good news for my husband... but it's great news for you.)

As a lifelong control freak, I've been on a mission to make sure my clients online efforts were 100% predictable and created to the highest quality of standards... mine.

I've grown a team committed to bringing that same level of quality to every project we work on. Projects that consistently outperform the majority of marketing you see online and our over 200 happy clients would have to agree...

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this philosophy allows us to create funnels that easily convert cold and warm audiences, and websites that bring consistent positive returns


Lisa Vaz


Lead Gen Funnel with Paid Ads

Average cost of $0.38 per lead
Over 1000 signups in 3 1/2 weeks
Opt in page converting at a consistent 68%


Dental Client

free teeth whitening offer

Paid Ads to Existing Offer

Average cost of $38.34 per signup
At least 12 signups per week

"They're a powerhouse of talent that has helped transform my business! They not only easily resolved issues that my (then) marketing team said were impossible, they have endless creative solutions for my marketing. My only regret is I didn’t discover them sooner."
Bethany Valachi, Posturedontics
“12Strong absolutely left me in awe. The quality of their service is world class and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to transform their business. From on-boarding to strategy, to design, to build and implementation I’ve been impressed every step of the way. "
Alex Aanderud, Legacy of Results