The 5 Keys of Remarkable Online Course Landing Pages [+ free worksheet]

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After you’re finished creating your course, you’ll need to sell it right? In the majority of the course platforms and especially if you host your courses yourself, you’ll do this with online course landing pages.

A landing page is designed specifically to sell the benefits and solutions of your course and increase your own credibility as the person who can solve your student’s problems.

And as in all things – there are tips and tricks to make your landing pages better at converting browsers into learners. So today I’m going to go over two very successful online course landing pages and examine the five major elements they share.

We’re going to take a look at Scott Oldford’s Leadcraft and Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth (totally not an affiliate for either of them). These landing pages use the five elements as key pieces to their structure and it’s helped rocket these courses to the forefront of their student’s attention (and they’ll help yours do the same!)

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Element #1 – The Problem

Every course solves a problem right?

Whether it’s your student’s need to manage their finances or their ability to train their bodies – it all starts with a problem that needs to be solved. A successful course landing page will start out right away with addressing their main problem and why it’s brought them there.

It aggravates the problem and makes it more apparent to the visitor so they’re more inclined to feel as though they need it solved right away.

They might be struggling with their finances or needing a better marketing strategy for their business or they’re super stressed out and need a daily mindfulness practice in their day.

Getting them into the right frame of mind – the “This can’t go on any longer and I need to change right now!” mindset – is going to make them more inclined to take action and buy your course.

You can see how Scott Oldford’s Leadcraft does it here:

Online Course Landing Pages Key #1 - The Problem - Leadcraft

Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth does it here:

Online Course Landing Pages Key #1 - The Problem - Pinfinite Growth

Element #2 – The Unique Solution

Just as every course solves a specific problem, they also should have a unique solution to it.

Whether it’s taught by a world renowned scientist or uses a revolutionary new model of information, it solves the problem in a unique way.

What’s special about the way your course solves the problem of your students? How does it differ from other courses on the market aimed at the same audience and covering the same topic?

When a student believes she’s getting something truly special for her money, she’s much more inclined to purchase. Don’t waste this opportunity to highlight what sets you and your course above the rest on your online course landing pages.

Scott Oldford’s Leadcraft does a great job of this here:

Online Course Landing Pages Key #2 - The Unique Solution - Leadcraft

Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth touts itself as her secret weapon:

Online Course Landing Pages Key #2 - The Unique Solution - Pinfinite Growth

Element #3 – Social Proof

Social proof is a big factor in gaining your audience’s trust – seeing how someone else has taken the course and loved it, strengthen’s your overall impression on potential students.

The standard way of doing this is to use testimonials from past students of your course. You can even stretch these to include testimonials referring to you personally.

Anything that helps give your visitors the signal you and your course are the best thing to happen to them right now.

The downside of social proof is that it can be hard to get when you’ve first started out. If your course is brand new and no one has taken it yet – how do you use social proof in your own landing pages?

In this case, I’m giving you permission to brag about yourself.

Highlight your own accomplishments and show your own success or results with the methods you teach. It’s not as powerful as student testimonials, but it works fine in the case of a brand new course or course creator because it can be expanded with testimonials as students go through your course and give you feedback.

As in all things, honestly is crucial and your success should be realistic to the course materials – no one likes finding out the teacher who wrote the course “How to make $50,000 every month” is living in his parent’s basement.

So how did our two example landing pages accomplish their social proof?

Scott Oldford’s Leadcraft uses video testimonials to break with tradition (and a lot of them!):

Online Course Landing Pages Key #3 - Social Proof - LeadcraftBut Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth uses a mix of video and written testimonials throughout the page – here are her written testimonials:

Online Course Landing Pages Key #3 - Social Proof - Pinfinite GrowthElement # 4 – The Ask

As you get your potential students further down the page, nodding their head and agreeing with why your course is the right choice for them, it’s super important to have this one thing in the right place on your online course landing pages:

You have to ask for the sale!

I get it – people think sales are icky – but if you don’t specifically ask for the sale then you’ve done all this work creating an expert landing page for nothing.

Your student will wander away to go check Facebook and say to themselves “I’ll come back to this later” (and we all know they won’t come back to it later.)

The best landing pages have more than one place on them to buy the product – most of them have 4 or 5 throughout the page!

Ask for the sale right away, then ask and ask and ask again.

Some students will be convinced right away your course is for them – they’ll use the link up top. Others will need to read about the benefits and features first to make sure they’re getting what they want – so they’ll buy at a later link.

And still others will read every last word you’ve written, making sure not to miss any fine print – so include a link in the fine print for these people.

You’re not being salesey – you’re making it convenient for the different types of people to buy your course from you. Make sure you ask at least twice and you’ll definitely increase the effectiveness of your course landing page.

Scott Oldford asks 11 times:

Online Course Landing Pages Key #4 - The Ask - Leadcraft

Melyssa Griffin asks 4 times:

Online Course Landing Pages Key #4 - The Ask - Pinfinite GrowthElement # 5 – The Guarantee

How many times have you seen the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on a website or offering? Pretty standard right?

A guarantee is going to increase your sales and improve the level of confidence your students have about buying from you. It raises the level of trust they have and puts you in a position of assured confidence.

Some of you may be thinking: “But if I give them a money back guarantee they might take it and I could lose money!” And yes, you’re right – if someone does ask for their money back you will lose that sale. But can you hazard a guess as to what the average refund rate on an online course is?


That’s not so bad when you take into consideration the 96% of students who will proceed with your course and be happy for your knowledge.

Becoming comfortable with offering a money back guarantee can take some time to get used to, but you’re going to see more benefits than downsides.

The first thing you’ll need to do is write a guarantee that works for both you and your students. When you’re crafting your guarantee you need to take into consideration three factors:

  1. How long will it take a student to get through my course?
  2. Do you want to make sure they’ve applied the knowledge and done the work?
  3. Are there any special considerations you’d like to make for your own course materials?

Length of Guarantee

The time portion is the first big item you’ll need to address. You’ll want to give enough time for a student to conceivably go through the entire course. So if your course takes an average of 60 days to get through, then you need a 60 day guarantee. Most courses can use a 30 day guarantee and be absolutely fine with it. But keep in mind that if you have a meatier course you should choose a longer period to keep it fair for your students.

Show Your Work Requirement

Some course creators use a “show your work” clause – it makes sure the student prove they did the work of your course and tried their best before you give them a refund. The benefits of this clause is you get fewer people who will actually this process, but the downside is that it’s a bit insensitive and doesn’t allow for personal events, life changes or other matters which may not be related to whether or not the course worked for them.

Special Considerations

Are there any special considerations you have to take into account for your course? Do they receive bonuses or memberships elsewhere you would have to revoke or cancel? Do they forfeit access to other resources you’ve given them? Make sure to clearly word your guarantee so that it gives them the benefit of the doubt but also accounts for any other items that need to be addressed.

Scott Oldford offers a 45 Day Action Takers Guarantee:

Online Course Landing Pages Key #5 - The Guarantee - Leadcraft

Melyssa Griffin offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee:

Online Course Landing Pages Key #5 - The Guarantee - Pinfinite Growth

Confident You Have The Right Pieces?

So what do you think? Are you going to use the 5 elements in your next landing page to help steer your students to a buying decision?

By using The Problem, The Unique Solution, Social Proof, The Ask and The Guarantee you have a clear framework for creating your next online course landing page. You won’t have to second-guess which order to put things in and wether or not you have an effective way of converting browsers into students.

If you’re eager to create your own, download the fillable pdf worksheet below and get a head start on crafting your own online course landing page!

Get the bonus content: 5 Keys to Remarkable Online Course Landing Pages Fillable Worksheet

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