6 Insightful Podcasts for Online Course Creators

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I’ll admit I’m a total podcast junkie – I listen to them constantly.

On my walks, while doing housework, in the shower and pretty much any spare moment I can cram in some extra knowledge about the industry I love.

If you’re starting to create your own online course or already have one, course podcasts are a great way to learn skills and get tips to take your course creation from an audience of one (hi mom!) to a successful venture.

I’ve put together my favourite podcasts which talk about creating and promoting online courses. Each one offers valuable course resources on the basics, such as finding an idea, to more advanced topics like how to market your course.

Some have guest speakers and some are from the podcast creator, but all of these great people are experts in the field of online education.

The Zen Courses Show

Zen Courses with Janelle AllenOnline courses can be a lot of work, and Zen Courses creator, Janelle Allen, wanted to help entrepreneurs take actionable, logical steps to create courses that change their audience’s lives.

Zen Courses is for entrepreneurs and educators who already have course ideas and are looking for practical advice and step by step approaches to getting their courses off the ground.

You can learn the psychology behind successful courses and listen to different successful educators each week to gain a range of perspectives on course creation and implementation.

Zen Courses’ biggest objective is teaching you how to create a course that matters. It isn’t all about the money; it’s about connecting with your audience and offering a course that changes their lives.

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The Online Course Coach Podcast

Online Course CoachThe Online Course Coach is part of True Media and offers simple tips and course resources to help you through all the steps of creating a course. Jeff Long comes from educator parents, and he has a list of resources to help others navigate education in the digital age.

The podcast centers around how-tos, top numbered lists, and guest speakers that help you in different niches, as well as other facets of creating a course. There are episodes on everything from video creation to writing more effective copy for your marketing.

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Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Although Amy Porterfield’s podcast isn’t exclusively about course creation, there are some really valuable resources concerning online courses and a host of other related topics about marketing.

Course creation isn’t just about getting your idea into a course and then having people find you. You have to put yourself and your idea out there.

Amy’s background is in marketing and online business, so she’s a great option if you are looking for instruction in a wide range of topics to get from a single course to a full fledged business. She has one of the best overall marketing podcasts out there and is frequently found on top 10 lists around the world.

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Course Creators Podcast

Sarah Cordiner is the host of Course Creators and is one of the Huff Post’s Top 50 Must Follow Female Entrepreneurs of 2017. Sarah is a post graduate qualified educator, and she’s been creating courses for about 10 years.

Sarah’s podcast centers around creating courses in a way that makes the process easy for educators to expand and take control of their education offerings.

Calling herself and other course creators edupreneurs, her podcasts and materials are geared towards those who want to make course creation part of their mission. She’s also hosted a television show and written several best selling books on the subject.

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Online Course Coaching | For Online Course Creators, Trainers and Entrepreneurs

Tim Cooper created a podcast for those looking to create a course and publish it easily and knowledgeably. Whether you only have an idea, or are looking to market a course you already have, this podcast has episodes for you.

Tim has a varied background that includes herbalism and sports medicine, and he didn’t start out with the intent of being an expert in course creation. His podcast is part of the Ecourse Domination website, and his goal is to make you an expert in your own course creation.

The podcast really embraces all the versatile ways that course creation can get information across and change lives. And one really fun benefit is after you’re an expert in course creation, you can apply to be a guest on his podcast!

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The Femtrepreneur Show

The Femtrepreneur ShowMariah Coz and Megan Minns are the dynamic duo behind the Fempreneur brand and they bring unique insights about creating online courses to their podcast.

Mariah has a no-holds-barred way of cutting to the chase and Megan brings a tech background to help course creators with various aspects of creating online courses.

They interview lots of fantastic guests and each episode I’ve listened to has been packed with tons of value. I highly recommend this one if you’re tired of the same old podcast content from the sources.

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The Takeaway

Course creation doesn’t have to be intimidating. There are resources out there to help you find your stride and share your course with the world.

Do you have any must-have resources for course creation? Let me know in the comments and be sure to share this list with anyone looking to create online courses!

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