I’m an award-winning web and instructional designer.

I love Star Wars and have far too many pairs of glasses.

Design, tech and online education have been my entire world for a decade and a half.

I help service providers (think virtual assistants, online business managers, coaches and consultants) get a handle on the tech pieces they use every day to run their (or their client’s) businesses.

From teaching the nuances of how to create better online projects for your clients, to creating those same projects for people I work with directly.

The end result is the same:
An easy to navigate online tech landscape that looks more like a walk in Central Park than a trek across the Himalayas.

I’ve been in this industry long enough to know what to do and what to avoid. This often makes the difference between the website, sales funnel or online course project that grows a business and one that grows your frustrations.

In 2003 I graduated from an experimental choose-your-own-career-adventure college program in the digital arts and haven’t looked back – technology and design was in my blood and I couldn’t shake it.

I’ve spent the last 16 years sitting at the crossroads of design, tech and online education (there’s some great people watching here!) I’ve created websites, sales funnels and online courses for Fortune 50 companies, non-profits, small business and entrepreneurs (some of which you can see here.)

During this time I’ve garnered awards for my work, developed a kick-ass way of working only a few hours every day, have raised two kids while working from home and grown my business year after year exponentially.

I became my client’s secret weapon in their business.

In 2018 I realized I HAD to pass along what I knew.

The knowledge, tricks, ways of working and ways of thinking I’d developed over the years which help me work faster, create better quality work, adapt quickly to new tech and get my clients exceptional results – needed to be passed along to the next generation of secret weapons.

Over the years I became my client’s secret weapon and I realized it was my responsibility to foster the next generation of secret weapons.

Recent Awards

  • IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence
  • Canadian Public Relations Society Award of Excellence

How Can I Help You?

I want to become my client's secret weapon...

If you're tired of drawn out, high level strategy that doesn't tell you HOW to do the thing, you're in the right place. I focus on actionable training that gives you the know-how and definite skills to confidently manage all the tech components of your client's business online.

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I just want someone to do it for me...

If you're sold on having me in your corner (and don't mind some tongue-in-cheek Star Wars references when we work together) then I'd love to connect and see how I can get the tech in your business whipped into shape and your business growing exponentially through the coming months and years.

Work With Me
I never had a problem selling my course, but I had a problem delivering the course in a way that got people showing up, doing the work and completing it. I knew my course got results from previous rounds from super crazy driven people who took action but the rest of us needed way more accountability to show the hell up.

That’s why I hired you. To help me structure my course so I’d get way more people completing it, reaping the rewards, making more sales in their business + become my walking talking marketing team.

I’m so happy to report that every single step of the course people are raving about how I’ve managed to create a course that gets them showing up, writing and actually LOVING IT.

They’re so active. And because they’re showing up doing they work, it’s working. They’re getting the best results.

So, thank you Gabby for helping me really help my peeps. 🙂 XO
– Elizabeth McKenzie, The Copy Word

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