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We’re an award-winning digital creative agency with strong ties to the arts and small business communities in Edmonton, Alberta. And we love Star Wars.

From humble beginnings as a one woman show to a full fledged, award-winning agency – we’ve grown alongside our amazing clients.

It’s not very often we talk about ourselves – but since this is the one page where we’re allowed to do a little bit of bragging – here it goes!

We’ve been in business for over 10 years in the Capital region and are thankful to be considered go-tos for web and branding services by our clients. We’ve helped a multitude of small businesses, entrepreneurs and arts companies get online and see real results from their websites.

Responsive web design

We’re devoted to making the very best. No matter the project or the client.

The words “OCD” and “nit picking” have been bandied around quite a bit when we work on our projects but to us they’re a badge of honour. Knowing we’ve done everything we possibly can to make sure a project is as near to perfect as we can make it is not only satisfying, but a successful business model.

The attention to detail we employ for each and every one of our clients pays off in satisfaction and client success (currencies we really wish were accepted at the bank).

Awards and Accolades

IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence

Edmonton Youth Council – Annual Report

Canadian Public Relations Society Award of Excellence

Edmonton Youth Council – Annual Report

Meet the Boss

Gabrielle Chipeur has been working in the web & design fields for over 13 years. She’s worked with companies of all sizes – from world wide conglomerates to local arts companies and every kind of business in between.

She’s known (infamous?) for being down to earth and practical about both the services 12Strong provides and the way we talk to our customers. Her hands-on approach makes our clients feel appreciated and her “No Jargon” rule ensures everyone on a project understands what is happening and why.

As a small business owner she’s adamant about absorbing information from her mentors, fellow entrepreneurs and her clients. She has an expansive thirst for knowledge and she shares her experiences in our industry through our blog and on Linkedin.

Gabrielle Chipeur - Primary Creative/Owner of 12Strong

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