The 1:Many Approach to Online Courses is Broken. Here’s What to Do Instead

There’s No Mistaking the Popularity of Online Courses. You’re here because you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You think the way online courses are being created and distributed to the people you care about in your audience is either not effective or downright unethical. And if you’re like me, you think the traditional post secondary education model is ineffective and unnecessary. IT’S BROKEN. And by being broken, it’s facilitated the rapid growth of the same online education … Read More

The 5 Features Your Course Platform Needs to Have

Have you tried to find a good course platform lately? It’s bananas! There are so many platforms to choose from – and many of them offer such amazing suites of features, it’s hard to choose! I work with all sorts of platforms every day for my clients and have become pretty well versed in what makes a good one and the features to make sure yours has. Because let’s get real – if your course is amazing but your platform … Read More

How to Use Feedback Loops to Improve Your Online Course

How many times have you taught a course or program and realized halfway through that your students just weren’t getting what you were teaching? Have you ever taken a course by someone else where you thought the material was either too advanced or not advanced enough for where you were at in your experience? These are the most common symptoms of an online course or program not having a built in system for iteration based on the needs and desires … Read More

How to Use a Mood Board to Create a Brand for Your Online Course

Each time I log into Pinterest, I find myself falling down a rabbit hole of styles and looks I just ‘have to try’ for my branding. Every day there’s a new design trend and tonnes of enviable designs that are just so hard not to use. Sound familiar? Branding is hard. But it doesn’t have to be – so let’s talk about my favourite way you can make branding easier for your online course business and help you stick to … Read More

Plan Your Course in 2 Days With This Easy to Use Process

Starting to plan your online course is like travelling to a new country. You’re rather familiar with certain major cities and famous landmarks, but the finer details are murky at best. And like a traveller, you’re aware of some of the general tasks and milestones when creating an online course but some of the details are a bit murky. Smart travellers use a map or a guide to make their travels easier so why don’t I give you one to … Read More

The 5 Keys of Remarkable Online Course Landing Pages [+ free worksheet]

After you’re finished creating your course, you’ll need to sell it right? In the majority of the course platforms and especially if you host your courses yourself, you’ll do this with online course landing pages. A landing page is designed specifically to sell the benefits and solutions of your course and increase your own credibility as the person who can solve your student’s problems. And as in all things – there are tips and tricks to make your landing pages … Read More