6 Insightful Podcasts for Online Course Creators

I’ll admit I’m a total podcast junkie – I listen to them constantly. On my walks, while doing housework, in the shower and pretty much any spare moment I can cram in some extra knowledge about the industry I love. If you’re starting to create your own online course or already have one, course podcasts are a great way to learn skills and get tips to take your course creation from an audience of one (hi mom!) to a successful … Read More

The Pros & Cons of Publishing Online Courses on Your Own Website

During your research for your online course you’ve probably run into mentions of ways you can host them on your own website. From plugins to hiring a developer – there are lots off ways you can exert complete control over your student’s experience. There are many positives to running your courses through a platform of your own making but there are also some marked disadvantages. In this article I’ll go through both sides so you can make an informed decision for what’s best for … Read More

The Pros & Cons of Using a Hosted Course Platform

If you’ve done research on publishing your online courses you’ve no doubt run into what I call ‘hosted platforms’. A hosted course platform is a course delivery system designed to get your course online and accepting students. Hosted platforms make it easy to create and publish courses with little to no fuss and make the world of online education easier to access. They’re a fantastic tool to have in your belt but deciding on one – and even if it’s a good fit for your … Read More

The Pros & Cons of Using a Course Marketplace

I turned my head for just a second and another course marketplace popped up. Every day new marketplaces are vying for attention, wanting to be chosen to deliver our courses. It’s fantastic how the barriers of entry to putting knowledge out into the world are getting shorter. In this new world of online education, everyone can benefit from your unique experiences. These course marketplaces make it easy to get started but there are so many of them it can be hard to … Read More

Why Branding Your Course like a Product Will Make it More Popular

How many brands are defined completely by the products they sell? Companies like Kleenex, Nerf, Lego, Band-aid, Xerox, Polaroid – these are all synonymous with the products they sell. They’ve become household names for items (even when you use a different company’s product). Why? Because they focused on building a strong brand. In what ways can you use this same technique to brand, promote, and sell your online courses? Make promoting your course easier Promoting anything is simpler when you have a clear set … Read More

What’s an Outcome Graphic and Why Do You Need One?

I was driving with my children one day when we passed a billboard outside of the local ice cream shop. The billboard had a picture of a family walking along a woodsy trail, happily enjoying an ice cream cone. Underneath the picture were the words “You’ll enjoy family time better with ice cream.” Now, I love ice cream. I will pick ice cream over any other sweet treat, but I don’t eat it as much as I want to due … Read More