Course Content vs Course Materials: What’s the Difference?

When you’re getting into a new industry or starting a new venture, it’s easy to get caught up in all the new terminology. In the world of creating online courses, we certainly have some terms which may not be used elsewhere. Ones which perhaps have different meanings when used in online learning. Let’s examine two of the most common terms we use throughout our marketing and teaching: course content and course materials. We’ll examine how they differ, why we use … Read More

How to Make Easy Fillable PDF Worksheets For Your Course

You know having interactive pdf worksheets will help to increase the value of your online course – but finding the time to create them is hard and struggling to figure out the software can be frustrating. Let’s ease some of that frustration and show you the steps I take to create the fillable pdf worksheets, checklists and planners my clients use in their online courses. Our example course Our fictional course for our tutorial series – Creating Better Relationships With Your … Read More

Take Advantage of Learning Styles For Your Online Course

“When I was in school I just couldn’t pay attention to a teacher who stood at the front of the class and droned on. But when I was in art class and making suff with my hands? All of that really stuck with me.” How many of these types of stories do you think there are around the world? How many people do you personally know that admit they just can’t get knowledge as easily from certain teaching content? So why … Read More

Quality Social Media Assets are Key For a Successful Online Course

When you’re creating an online course, your focus should be creating the best possible content for your students, social media assets are often the furthest from your mind. Your job as a teacher is to make sure they leave your product smarter, enriched and with valuable insights into how your topic will affect the rest of their lives. But how do your students find your courses? How do they pick out your materials amongst a sea of teachers, all selling … Read More

How to Create a Branding Guide to Promote Your Course

Have you ever had a great opportunity to advertise or promote your course and spent way too much time putting together something useful? You hunted for the best words, images and colours and wasted a huge chunk of time having to create your ad from scratch. All because you didn’t have what you needed, when you needed it. This is where a branding guide would have saved you tons of time and effort. You could have had 4-5 headlines to pick from, graphics to … Read More

Three Mistakes You’ll Make When Creating an Online Course

There are a lot of new course creators ready to jump into the industry of teaching what they know. But many of them skip over important details when creating an online course for their topic. As part of our research at Course Design School we see many courses. We’ve examined what makes a good course tick and what can make an otherwise great course fail. We’ve gathered up the three most common mistakes we see in the courses that fail … Read More