What Do You Mean? Common Terms Used in the Web Industry

When you’ve been working with the web as long as we have, it’s easy to forget not everyone knows the industry language we use every day. Terms like HTML and CSS can seem like greek to our clients. We’ve become pretty good at not using jargon in our interactions with clients (we think?) but there are still terms which could use a little bit of explaining. Our clients should be comfortable with the process and people building their website so we thought it … Read More

Does Your Business Need a Website Audit?

One of the key services we offer businesses who have an existing website is the website audit. This service can help you identify key areas where your website isn’t performing its best and will give you actionable steps to bring it back in line with your business goals. A website audit can help your website contribute further to your goals rather than take away from them and can also bring in more business, streamline your online offerings and fix common sources … Read More

Why Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website is Important

Creating content and websites for the mobile web is a vast and rewarding field for small businesses. Many companies have realized the importance of creating with the mobile viewer in mind and are reaping the rewards of having their content tailored specifically for this vast market. We’ve been paying attention to the latest in usage trends and it’s no surprise over the last 6 months mobile usage has jumped to almost 50%. Over 50% of your audience is viewing your website … Read More

What Exactly is Website Content?

If you’ve been researching ways to improve your company’s online presence you’ll have inevitably come across the phrase “Content is King”. A phrase that’s still very true in every aspect of creating a website. Content will help to increase your visitor’s satisfaction with your site – staying longer, interacting more and with a higher likelihood of returning – it will help to boost your search engine rankings, and it will help to brand your company as an authority in your … Read More

How to Create a Successful Brand for Your Business

Having a strong brand is touted as one of the ways a company can set itself apart from its competition. But many companies struggle with the idea of a brand being more than just your logo. When a marketing or design company refers to your brand, they’re talking about the overall impression your company makes in the eyes of your customers. This can cover everything from your logo to your colours, the type of wording in your advertising and the … Read More

The Making of a Website: An Overview of My Process

Deciding to get a new website or to have one redesigned is a very exciting time for everyone – the prospect of new colours! New fonts! New layouts with new features! It’s very easy to get ahead of oneself when you’re super excited about a new site and raring to go. You’re doing what? When? The best way to not be disappointed in the length of a website development project is to understand all the parts and steps that go … Read More