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Lisa Vaz


Lead Gen Funnel with Paid Ads

Average cost of $0.38 per lead
Over 1000 signups in 3 1/2 weeks
Opt in page converting at a consistent 68%


Dental Practice

free teeth whitening offer

Paid Ads to Existing Offer

Average cost of $38.34 per signup
At least 12 signups per week


Medical Spa

GOAL = increase number of appointments

Appointment Booking Funnel

Opt in page converts at 44%
37% fewer cancellations due to follow up sequences
Increased weekly bookings by 23%


Dental Practice


Paid Ads & Full Funnel Build

Average cost of $20 per lead
50% of leads scheduled an appointment


Dental Clinic

New Patient free teeth whitening offer

Paid Facebook™️ Advertising

$8 per lead from Facebook ads
60% conversion rate from lead to appointment


Medical Spa

GIveaway promotion with upsell ($79 AOV)

Giveaway Funnel with Paid Ads

Average cost of $7.00 per lead
Average CPA of $24
Over 2000 leads in total

"They're a powerhouse of talent that has helped transform my business! They not only easily resolved issues that my (then) marketing team said were impossible, they have endless creative solutions for my marketing. My only regret is I didn’t discover them sooner."
Bethany Valachi, Posturedontics
“12Strong absolutely left me in awe. The quality of their service is world class and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to transform their business. From on-boarding to strategy, to design, to build and implementation I’ve been impressed every step of the way. "
Alex Aanderud, Legacy of Results

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