Discover the simple 5 step process to plan a killer online course.

5 Day Online Course Master Plan
The Next 5 Days Has the Potential to Change the Face of Your Business.
Because if you:

  • Want to scale up your business easily
  • And don’t know where to start
  • Because you’re committed to your people but running out of hours in a day
  • And want to skip past the overwhelm and stress of creating an online course
  • PLUS want to do it right the first time

Then the best place to start is in this 5 Day Online Course Master Plan.

Over the 5 days I’ll walk you through my unique method for creating kick-ass online courses. You’ll have the confidence to scale your business with a powerful program that gets the same big results as working directly with you.


Now, after being a few days into your challenge, my motivation to launch my course is growing minute by minute. The daily challenges have done just that – challenged me to dive deep into my course vision and really make it tangible.
– Katrina Scarlett | The Subtle Details


Your [challenge] has gotten right to the nitty gritty and I am amazed at where I am at in only 4 days! This is so motivating and encouraging. I can’t thank you enough. I am so excited to get going with this!
– Nancy McNaughton | Dreality Coaching


All of the days of this challenge have been amazing and I have learned so much just from watching your videos. I now know how to execute this course with all the various components to it, and have a confidence about how amazing this idea is.
– Kimberly Cox

Gabrielle Chipeur

Hi! I’m Gabrielle Chipeur

I’ve lived at the intersection of design, tech and online education for a decade and a half (there’s some great people watching here!)

I’ll help you discover your expertise with a simple 5 step method to easily create online courses and programs that make a huge impact on the growth and success of your business.