Create a Rock Solid Master Plan

For Your Online Course

Take The Guesswork Out of Planning an Online Program

Want to create an online course or program to grow your business but not 100% sure how to go about it?

Scared of making a fool of yourself or putting all this work into a course and being greeted by crickets? Or even worse – grumbles of disapproval?

These are all valid fears and YOU ARE NOT WRONG for having them.

I’ve created more online courses than I can shake a stick at and the one thing they all have in common is that we stopped and planned for what seemed like a excruciatingly long time before we started making ANYTHING.

If you’re thinking of creating an online course it makes perfect sense you’d want to have a rock solid plan to guide you in the process – don’t you think?

  • Determine exactly what your student’s motivations are
  • Use proven course frameworks to guide the structure of your course
  • Create solid learning objectives so you aren’t just “winging it”
  • Interactive worksheets so you can fill in your master plan
  • Video walkthroughs of each section for even more insight

Get Your Copy of the Rock Solid Online Course Master Plan

Save Your Precious Time

Don’t go all hunter-gatherer on information from every corner of the web – you’ll have it all in one place. You’re a business owner, not a research assistant.

Follow an Easy Step-by-Step Plan

Each part of this process builds on each other so by the end you’ll literally have a clear to do list that you can just start checking off as you go.

Be Confident it’s Done Right

I’m a fully fledged instructional designer – this is what I do all day, every day. I’m not a marketer intent on getting your money, I’m actually more focused on your students than on you (you’re fine – you got this.) This process follows solid educational tenets designed to get the best results for your audience.

Jargon-Free, Simple to Follow

OK – that’s a lie. I do have to use a touch of jargon because I explain some key educational concepts – but I promise I give you the plain english translation as well. And my explanations are fun!

Works How You Work

Do you do better printing things out like me? Then I’ve got you covered with plenty of space for your thoughts, ideas and master plan. Like to work digitally or concerned for the environment? All the workbook sheets are fillable on your computer with the interactive pdf formatting.

Video Walkthroughs

I go through each section in the workbook and give you additional insight and clear instructions on how to fill it in and the outcomes we’re going for. There’s lots of great tips and nuances explained in the video walkthroughs (plus I’ve been told I have a cute voice so there’s that too 🙂

Get Your Copy of the Rock Solid Online Course Master Plan

This workbook is going to totally change the way you plan your online courses – for the better!
The Rock Solid Online Course Master Plan

A 44 page interactive workbook with video walkthrough showing you exactly how (and how not) to plan your online course.