Social Proof Reputation Management

Grow your business and attract new clients with a hands-off positive review engine.

Create powerful social proof for your business with positive reviews.

Imagine waking up to 10 new positive reviews for your business.

What would your business look like if you knew every day your satisfied customers were leaving glowing reviews for you – for everyone to see?

Your reputation online is largely managed through reviews and ratings on external sites – social proof is the word-of-mouth of the online age. Up until now you couldn’t control what people were saying about your business or if they even left a review at all.

But not anymore – introducing ReviewLead, our social proof engine for online business.

A simple, easy to execute and powerful program designed to get your business more positive reviews and create an online word-of-mouth referral engine.

Examples of stellar 5 Star Reviews from your customers!Examples of stellar 5 Star Reviews from your customers!

Magnify your word-of-mouth marketing

Say you have a great relationship with one of your customers. They love working with you –  they tell everyone they know to work with you too.

While fantastic, their good graces can only extend to the people they know who are looking for exactly what you’re selling at that moment. That’s a pretty small number of people this happy customer can reach.

But if they leave a review online, their recommendation is magnified to reach hundreds and thousands more people using the power of social proof. People they otherwise wouldn’t know. People who are searching for your services or products right this moment.

It’s relationship building – magnified!

An easy to use and simple interface for review capture

How Easy Can it Really Be?

Incredibly easy. But I’m not talking about underhanded sales tactics or gaming the online review sites in any way.

It’s simply asking the people who already buy from you to leave a review for others to see. All while making it insanely easy for them to do so.

The number one reason most customers don’t leave a review for a business? They forget or don’t have the time. It’s just not convenient for them.

The ReviewLead social proof program makes it dead simple for them to leave a review, in the exact moment they’re happy with working with you. How powerful is that?

But my business is pretty specialized – will social proof work for me?

Absolutely. The ReviewLead social proof program is designed to work with a wide variety of online review sites. It connects with review sites in every industry (even location-specific review sites).

This lets you choose which review sites are most relevant to your business, sending your customers to them to leave their positive comments.

Here are some of just a handful of review sites the ReviewLead social proof program integrates with – and there’s so many more!

Over 30+ review sites to increase your online reputation

What about bad reviews?

Negative reviews can make you lie awake at night, restless because one of your customers isn’t happy. Where did it go wrong? What can you do better?

And that’s not the half of it – negative reviews have incredible power in swaying the decision making of potential customers through negative social proof.

But what if you had a way to deal with your unhappy customers in an offline way so they never left you a bad review in the first place?

Now you can! The ReviewLead social proof program allows you to connect with customers with negative experiences so you can handle it before they leave a bad review.

We all want our customers to be happy. Knowing about a possible customer service issue before it goes public can save your online reputation from being tarnished.

ReviewLead takes the power of word-of-mouth online

Running a business online can be tricky. There’s far less face-to-face relationship building. Review sites were created to fill the gap between reputable businesses and the customers seeking them.

I’ve seen clients increase their number of reviews from 5 to more than 50 in as little as 6 months. And you can bet the effect these reviews had on their bottom line was absolutely incredible!

Raise the quality of word-of-mouth recommendations online

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